Ride your gravel bike to catch remote trout on a fly

Getting a little bored of the same old awesome gravel rides? Try stringing together multiple adventures – gravel riding, flyfishing and possibly some hiking if you do it right.

Living close to the goods I can jump on my bike and find a fishing hole pretty easily, Whether it’s a fork of the Snoqualmie or a high mountain lake, I can carry everything needed including a packraft. I got the Kokopelli Rogue lite on Kickstarter a few years ago and it’s perfect.

Snoqualmie/Campbell Global tree farm lakes

McLeod Lake
Mud Lake
Maud Lake
Lake Hancock
Calligan Lake
Little Calligan Lake
SMC Lake
Lake Nadeau
Lake Moolock
Sunday Lake
Loch Katrine
Klaus Lake
Boyle Lake
Bridges Lake

This is what I bring on backcountry rides

  • Gravel bike (mtb if desparate)
  • 700 x 38 grippy tires
  • Flat pedals (for riding with wading shoes or Merril water shoes)
  • Bear spray
  • Charged phone with Avenza App + Campbell Global map
  • 3 weight flyrod/reel/line
  • Forceps
  • Box of allstar flies
  • Leader spools – 4x, 5x, 6x
  • Polarized shades
  • TheGravelRiders hat
  • Water
  • Wading shoes
  • Fishing license
  • Net
  • Bug repellent
  • Headlamp
  • Phone camera/Gopro
  • Tube(s)/patch/select allen heads/chain break tool/extra Quicklinks

More lakes

Lake Alice
Lake Marie
Hull Lake
Spook Lake
Loop Lake
Moss Lake
Swan’s Mill Pond
Cherry Lake
Drunken Charlie Lake
Lake Elsie
Dagger Lake
Tomtit Lake
Cedar Ponds Lake

Snoqualmie area stream targets

North Fork Snoqualmie River
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River
South Fork Snoqualmie River
Tolt River
Tokul Creek
Black Creek