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Tubeless tires have become increasingly popular among gravel riders due to their numerous benefits over traditional tube and tire setups. Tubeless technology has been around for decades but has only recently gained popularity in the cycling community, particularly among those who enjoy off-road riding.

So what exactly are tubeless tires, and why are they gaining so much popularity in the world of gravel riding? Simply put, tubeless tires are a type of tire that does not require an inner tube. Instead, the tire itself forms an airtight seal with the rim of the wheel, eliminating the need for a tube altogether.

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The benefits of tubeless

The benefits of tubeless tires for gravel riding are numerous. First and foremost, they offer a smoother ride over rough terrain. With no inner tube to bounce around and cause jarring impacts, tubeless tires provide a more comfortable and stable ride. Extra cushioning can be especially beneficial on longer rides or on particularly rough sections of gravel.

Tubeless tires also provide increased traction and control. Because they can be run at lower pressures without the risk of pinch flats, tubeless tires provide a larger contact patch with the ground, which means more grip and control. This is particularly useful when riding in wet or loose conditions, where traction can be a challenge.

Another benefit of tubeless tires is their increased reliability. Without an inner tube to puncture, riders are less likely to experience flats or other mechanical issues. In the event of a puncture, tubeless tires can often be repaired with a sealant, which fills the hole and seals it shut. This means riders can often continue their ride without having to stop and change a tire.

Switching to tubeless tires can also save weight. With no inner tube required, the overall weight of the tire setup is reduced, which can be a noticeable difference, particularly for riders who are looking to shave grams wherever they can.

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But there are some downsides to tubeless tires as well. For starters, they can be more difficult to install and set up initially. The seal between the tire and rim needs to be tight and secure to prevent air leakage, and this can take some trial and error to get right.

Tubeless tires can also be more expensive than traditional tire and tube setups, particularly if you need to invest in new rims as well. Additionally, because they require sealant, there is an ongoing cost associated with maintaining tubeless tires.

Despite these potential downsides, the benefits of tubeless tires for gravel riding are clear. They offer a smoother ride, increased traction and control, and increased reliability, all of which can contribute to a safer and more enjoyable ride. If you’re considering making the switch to tubeless tires, it’s important to do your research and invest in quality tires and equipment to ensure the best possible experience.
Here are 3 awesome gravel tires in a little detail:

Panaracer | Gravel King SK+ Tire

For rough fire roads, smooth singletrack, and everything in between, more and more cyclists are testing the capacities of road bikes by veering off the pavement onto the road less traveled in search for adventure.

Whether you opt for light singletrack, fire roads, or graveled paths, these passages into new cycling horizons are most likely not suitable for normal road tires.

Enter the Panaracer Gravel King SK+. As the Gravelking’s more muscular brother, the Gravel King SK+ features a more aggressive tread pattern and a wider design to hone in on the sketchiest of dirt roads.

As a dedicated go-anywhere tire, the Gravel King SK employs taller knobs, a ZSG Natural rubber compound, a puncture protection breaker and a special low rolling resistance casing.

FEATURES: Knobby tread pattern ZSG natural rubber compound offers low rolling resistance and long lasting wear Bead-to-bead anti-flat protective belt126tpi Advanced Extra Alpha casing performs well through a wide PSI range TLC – Tubeless Compatible


ISO Diameter: 700c / 622 / 29″Width Options: 32, 35, 38, 43, 50c

Intended Use: All-Road / CX /

Gravel Tire Diameter: 700c Tire

Type: Clincher

Bead: Folding Maximum Inflation Pressure: 60 PSI / 4. 13 Bar

TPI: 126

Color: Black or Black/Brown

Weight: 370g (32c), 420g (35c), 460g (38c), 540g (43c), 640g (50c)

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WTB | Sendero 650B Tire

Gravel riding has become one of the more popular forms of riding in the bike world. Gravel bikes not only ride well on the road, but they perform excellently offroad as well. If you’re riding offroad, then you’ll need some good dirt tires.

The WTB Sendero 650b Tire is a Road Plus tire designed solely with dirt in mind. It features ramped center knobs that minimize rolling resistance while substantially spaced outer knobs ensure footing in loose terrain.

Features: Aggressive tread pattern combines drop bar efficiency and mountain bike traction Rounded profile with vertical channels to enhance cornering characteristics High-volume casing enables a comfortable ride, Dual compound rubber means a fast rolling tire with great cornering traction


Size: 650b

Conditions: Hardpack, Loose Over Hardpack, Mud

Bead: Folding


Compound: Dual Compound

Protection-Type: Clincher

Tubeless Compatible: Yes

Intended Use: Adventure, Gravel

Approximate Weight: 530g

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Schwalbe | G-One All-Round 700C Tire

Gravel bikes have become increasingly popular in the recent years and with that comes a demand for a tire that can excel on both the road and the dirt.

The Schwalbe G-One convincingly fills that niche with its perfect blend of on and off-road performance, superior protection, and micro knobs for low rolling resistance and confident traction.

The G-on All-Round tire features a uniform tread, with small, circular knobs complete with siping for efficient rolling and predictable traction.

The Addix Performance dual compound tread spins fast and easy when riding up the center knobs, while the softer corner knobs dig in and grip in the corners or when riding in softer terrain.

If you are looking to upgrade from the performance compound, the Addix Speed Grip compound combines the best balance between low rolling resistance and grip and is paired with the Super Ground casing for increased protection.

Features: Addix performance Smooth rolling, dual compound tread Race Guard protection double layer of Nylon fabric. Good protection for light, sporty tires.

Addix Speed Grip intermediate compound with a great balance of low rolling resistance and grip Super Ground 3-ply carcass layer with protective fabric insert. Tubeless Easy.


Size: 700×35 700×38 700×40 700×45 

Conditions: Pavement, hardpack, loose over hard pavement,

Bead: Folding

TPI: 67

Compound: Addix Speed Grip

Protection: Race Guard Performance Super Ground

Type: Clincher

Tubeless Compatible: Yes

Intended Use: Gravel Adventure

Approximate Weight: 395g~540g


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