TheGravelRiders (the movie) coming 12/7/2019

TheGravelRiders (the movie) – promo 2

“Gravel is better because…”

TheGravelRiders is a state of mind really, a conscious decision to trust a possibly wild and unpredictable environment and trepidation over wild animals in exchange for a life altering path of adventure and escape from cars.

This cycling community is worldwide, we are rooted in the foothills of Washington State, basically from Issaquah east to Roslyn and past, and until the gravel runs out, which is never. We have a huge array of gravel and hard pack options, from steep rocky fire roads to radio towers to long straight flat gravel grinders that stretch forever.

Snoqualmie Pass offers a pretty nice jumping off point, there are countless logging and fire roads, but most get snowed in from late November to March, so we are fortunate to have 100,000+ acre tree farm in spitting distance, so for $50/year, we can ride that and try not to get lost. We regularly encounter wildlife but most times we see no humans - what an amazing resource.

Tools of the trade

Here is a look at the items that we tend to bring our rides in the backcountry where walking home is not a great option.
(THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS, use your common sense, take everything you need to get home):

Gravel or cyclocross (cx) bike
Water / fuel
Tough MTB shoes
Padded gloves
Charged cellphone
Spare tire / Pump / Co2 cartridges
Extra bolts/parts
Light rain/wind jacket
Paper map
Battery charger
Bear spray
Dedicated GPS device
Extra tubes
Allenhead tools for all spots on your bike, including the seat post
Extra chainring and cleat bolts
Tube patch kit

Main thing to think about - be self supporting, think of all the things that can happen out there and rely on yourself to get home in one piece.

What's Stopping You?

Fall is here folks, time to re-assess your contents, especially with regards to cold and rain.
Not sure where we are?
Here's a map to start: MAP
From out of town?
New 100 room Hampton Inn Suites is open on Snoqualmie Ridge
Need a bike?
Compass Outdoors Adventures

Local Gravel for Grinding

Snoqualmie Valley Trail (SVT)
31 miles of old railroad grade from Duval to Rattlesnake Lake
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail
This trail runs 212 miles from Rattlesnake Lake across the state through Snoqualmie Pass via a tunnel (closed in winter). (This trail is also known as Iron Horse Trail, John Wayne Trail.) When snow-free, it's fun to park at Hyak and ride east from the tunnel, it just goes on and on and on and on...awesome.

Map with mileages -->> Palouse to Cascades State Park

Hi Riders, I had a couple of friends want to see these so I thought I'd post them here for a little while, sorry if they're not about strictly gravel.